Car rental in Kherson

arenda avto
arenda avto

We all have different situations in our lives, and sometimes we need to have our own transport to be mobile and have free movement around the city. Nowadays, we have a very nice option that helps to keep the ordinary lifestyle even if our own car is broken and we need to find an alternative.

Car rent is a modern service, which can be used by almost any resident. It is convenient if you temporarily cannot use your transport, or until you own it, and the need of movement around the city is an actual task for you. CATCAR, car hiring company, offers a catalog of models that suit any taste, which will allow you to safely and comfortably move around the city and solve your business matters on time.

The service of car rental in Kherson is an advantageous alternative to a taxi, especially if you are a frequent customer of our company. After all, you have to pay not for the mileage of the trip (the figure can be quite impressive), but only for the time of rent of transport, which you set yourself.

Our company offers vehicles of any class from economy to business. The transport in our catalog is insured, undergo regular technical inspection so that both sides of the collaboration are confident that the car, that was taken for some trip or holidays with family, is in really good conditions and serve fine. So, we are sure that our clients will be satisfied in any case.

On the website of CATCAR you can see the entire list of models for rent and choose the right one considering the fuel consumption, class, and rental price. Pay attention that the price may decrease depending on the duration of use – the longer the car is used, the lower the price per day. Moreover, we give as an additional service the option that is called “car with a driver”. There may be a need for such an option, if you suddenly, for some reason, can not manage yourself, it will be necessary to emphasize your status, or there is a problem in knowing the routes (guests of the city, businessmen). We guarantee the reliable work of a professional driver who is thoroughly acquainted with the roadmap of Kherson and will ensure the comfort of the client during the trip.

The cost of services provided by CATCAR is extremely affordable, as we follow the pricing policy in this segment and offer the most favorable conditions. The procedure for signing the contract takes only 15 minutes. The only thing you need to bring is your passport and driver’s license. The simplicity of registration and high quality of services is what makes CATCAR the best car rental in the Kherson.


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