Shooting Tour Kiev: Enjoy the Adrenaline


Shooting tours are in special demand among lovers of active and rather brutal recreation. Surprisingly, this kind of leisure is interesting for both men and women.

Today everyone has a great opportunity to completely plunge into the military atmosphere and get incredible adrenaline when a shooting tour Kiev ordering. The “Military Tour” company is able to create amazing conditions for active relaxing and propose shooting with different types of weapons.

What do you get?
· Quick and comfortable transfer from Kiev to shooting range and back. The transportation is performed via a reliable vehicle that allows getting to your destination quickly.

· The possibility to shoot form 5 types of weapons.

· An opportunity to enjoy the delicious and healthy lunch, cooked in a national style. You can get acquainted with Ukrainian cuisine and choose your gastronomical preferences.

· Health insurance.

· The English-speaking guide support during the whole trip.

· 50 shots.

· Amazing emotions and wonderful day.

What types of weapons are used?
· AK-47. It’s hard to confuse the AK-47 with any other weapon. It was made of iron and wood and has become a classic reliability and ease of use example. At the same time, it took several years to improve the unit and eliminate its weak sides. A classic solid box was absent into the device. The design of the receiver was supplemented with a special insert rigidly mounted on it, which adjoined it to the barrel.

· Mosin rifle. It has its own advantages: cheap and easy to manufacture, available for relatively weak soldiers, and is solid and reliable. When talking about disadvantages it should be noted about the fact that the horizontal shutter handle was not very practical for reloading.

· Shotgun. Its barrel length does not exceed 300 millimeters and total length does not exceed 600 millimeters so it can be kept even with 1 hand. It has single rounds and is very comfortable to use. You can choose among the proposed variants and enjoy the shooting process for sure.

· Pistol. It’s a weapon that is really suitable for one-handed operation and carrying in constant readiness for firing. One of the most popular Military & Police pistols had small dimensions and low recoil force. Pistols were widely used in cavalry and were popular in the navy. In the cavalry they were appreciated for the opportunity to act with one hand (the second one held the reins) and to have several pre-loaded “trunks” at once. When talking about the navy – it was regarded as a boarding weapon, convenient in the crowded deck dump.

· Dragunov sniper rifle. Some people are sure that the Dragunov sniper rifle is almost the same as the AK-47, but if you will take this self-loading rifle into your hands, you will feel the difference, especially in comparison. This unit is suitable for strong hands and weights nearly 4 kg.

Why should you choose the Military Tour trip?
· The company creates all the conditions for a real pleasure getting.

· Such a recreation is really unusual and is sutable for strong person.

· The muscles of the legs, arms, chest, and back are involved during training, so the shooting allows you to maintain your body in good shape.

· You have an amazing opportunity to keep in hands real weapon, which you can’t get in an everyday life.

· The shooters develop a special psychological poise and the ability to focus and control emotions.

· It is extremely difficult to get injured here. The exception is cases due to inaccurate handling of weapon.

You can choose the best date for you, ask questions, and get the consultation after visiting the official “Military Tour” website. Here all the required information and actual contact data are reflected.

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